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My collection of poems is now also available as a book or CD

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‘Little Rhymes’ written and narrated by Fiona. 10 poems in total. Fun listening in its own right, or buy it with the accompanying book for added entertainment and education.

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Fiona's first book of poems for children

Little Rhymes for Young Minds is aimed at age 2 to 12 year olds.

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Little Rhymes for Young Minds: 13 poems written by Fiona with lots of accompanying illustrations. Excellent for bedtime reading to your little ones or to capture the imagination of more proficient readers.

Little Rhymes for Adult Minds: 14 poems written by Fiona with Hannah Bottomley’s wonderful illustrations. Some poems to make you chuckle and some to make you reflect.

Little Rhymes for Adult Minds (Book 1)

The first Adult poetry book

New! Little Rhymes for Adult Minds Volume 2

Little Rhymes for Adult Minds (Book 2)

Fiona’s second book for Adults

The first volume of Adult Rhymes proved so popular that Volume 2 is now available

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