It nearly was “the war
To end all wars”,
Because it killed so many.
But life goes on
And so do wars –
In fact, they’re two a penny!

For as long as we
Are on this earth,
Squabble and fight we will.
For no matter how
Much love there is,
There’ll always be evil.

Remember those at least today
Who gave their all for us.
All we can do is now pray
As a 100 years have passed.
So today there’s just one plea –
Let’s try to live in harmony.

International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day: Thursday 8th March 2018:

It’s International Women’s Day
Something we should celebrate.
I hope you’ll show others how
We deserve equality now.

Yes, there’s more still to do
But that’s what keeps us going.
Now we draw attention to
The benefits of multitasking.

It’s nearly “Mothering Sunday”
Recognising mothers’ roles.
But that’s just one facet
Of some women’s goals.

They don’t let motherhood
Hold them back from achieving –
Many are successful and good
With busy careers they lead in.

So well done all you women
Who make the species proud.
I admire your dedication
So let’s congratulate out loud.